Licensing Info

Available style guides
Are you an art director, manufacturer, editor or publisher?
Are you looking for cute characters and whimsical illustrations for your products, books or films?
So you're in the right place! Tinytwinies® are available for licensing on a wide range of products and I would be glad to discuss your offer.

Through their bold lines, vibrant colours and joyful designs, Tinytwinies® promote love, care and respect for animals, nature and neighbors by showing a very friendly relationship between them all.
They fit perfectly on products such as toys, apparel, paper goods, housewares and even animated series and games.
The brand is mainly kids-targeted, especially girls between 4 - 8 years old, but the designs are also suitable for toddlers, tweens, teens and young girls. 

Style guides and product design concepts are available upon request. E-mail me to receive them. Thank you!

Elizabeth Pujalka
Illustrator & Designer